Hamburg skyline

The “Why Hamburg?” podcast

Starting a podcast these days is really easy. (If you want to find out how I do it, there’s an article on my personal blog.) Creating good content and building an audience is a different matter. I hope I have succeeded with the former, and you will help me with the latter!

How to listen

If you want to, you can listen directly within your browser by viewing the available episodes. Click here to do so. The rest should be relatively easy.

Or you can subscribe. For this, you can search for the podcast in iTunes and subscribe, or use your favourite podcasting app to subscribe by copying this URL then pasting it into your app:

Why listen to podcasts?

I personally like podcasts because I sit in front of the computer a lot for work (and writing this blog). Listening to a podcast means time not looking at the computer. I think it helps me burst the online “filter bubble” whereby we all filter out information we think isn’t interesting or we don’t agree with. You’re more likely to hear stuff you wouldn’t read about once you’ve started listening to a podcast because it’s effort to turn it off and put it away. Finally, it’s a “heads up” way of consuming information. This means that you can sit on the U-Bahn and be more aware of your surrounding environment and can adopt a more healthy posture.

Why make a podcast?

The podcast serves two purposes for me: i) content in its own right, which you can subscribe to and listen to on your smartphone, ii) the basis for further articles, which summarise or extend upon the information in them.

So instead of meeting up with someone, writing notes, then writing an article, I do a (pretty spontaneous) podcast, then put that online straight away. This means that people can engage with the information on the same day as I do, if they want to, but also that there is a result within hours of recording. It also means that I don’t have to pass quotes or confirm what people said because it’s all recorded.

So there you have it. Please subscribe!