This site is now archived (but hopefully still worth a read)

I realised a while ago that I’d done all I wanted to do with the “Why Hamburg?” project – I think I’ve got as close as I ever will to understanding why people move to Hamburg, short of studying a PhD in urban development.

That’s why I decided to archive this website. By “archive”, I mean stop adding content to it but continue to make it available as a static website.

I’m glad I embarked upon this project at the end of 2013: I’ve met so many great people by doing so, been asked my opinion as an “expert” on the topic, and it’s helped me understand better how international people – of whom I am one – fit into Hamburg. My broad conclusion on that topic is that “international” isn’t really a separate category but something we can dip in and out of, an identity if you like, when it suits us. Trying to identify exactly what it is is like trying to nail jelly to a wall.

Anyway, that’s all from me for the time being. Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing my articles over the past couple of years – and of course a big thank you to everyone who let me interview them.

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