Alex Ahom and John Heaven

“Why Hamburg?” podcast in English

This is the maiden episode of the “Why Hamburg?” podcast. Alex Ahom and I were sat at Shhared and I asked him whether he would be interested in taking part … and he said “yes” – which he had to really, considering he’d just written an article about the power of “yes”.

So within about an hour, we got started. The idea is to talk about issues, in English, that international people in Hamburg face and to update them on some news. Considering how spontaneous the whole thing was, I don’t think we did a bad job!

What we talked about

In this episode, we talked about some news – including Sabela’s new magazine “Gute Leute”, Hamburg’s loss and Mozilla’s gain of Katharina Borchert (previously Chief Editor of Spiegel Online), India Week, the recent announcement of the dates for the next Social Media Week Hamburg, and more.

How to watch / listen / subscribe

You can tune in in a number of ways: either watch on YouTube, listen here on this website, or add the feed to your favourite podcasting app on your mobile.

To do that, add the following URL in your podcasting app (e.g. Apple Podcasts or DoggCatcher) –

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