Sabela, David and Irene

Photos from second WH? meeting @ Shhared

Here are some photos from the second meeting, combined with the regular Shhared UPload meeting on 19th February.

We had gender-balanced lightning talks, a tour of Shhared and a few announcements.

One thing that definitely will happen, which we announced at the event: a (free) coworking open day on St. Patrick’s Day at Shhared.

Another thing that might happen: a group trip to Copenhagen in June. The idea is to get accommodation (e.g. hostel / AirBnB), find a coworking space, and organise a couple of site-visits e.g. to digital agencies.

It was a great evening – people continued talking until after 10pm if I remember correctly.

Thanks to Shhared for the beer, food, space and time!

So without much further ado: here are the photos.