Posing below the Astra sign

Gute Leute – Hamburg’s first English language magazine

Sabela Garcia has already featured on this blog. At that time, she was working for a startup and told me how she came to Hamburg.

Now, she is starting a venture of her own – and as a permanent fixture within the startup scene, a Hamburgian with an international background, and a natural-born connector, she had the idea to start a print magazine about the international scene in Hamburg.

Within the past few days, Sabela and her team (Irene Broer, Theresa Grotendorst, Carolin Seng and Guillerno D’Antin Alarcia) have cracked their €5k crowdfunding target which means that at least the first edition – which will be distributed for free – can go ahead. After that, they are planning to publish quarterly but the magazine will no longer be free of charge.

The English-language magazine will contain stories about inspiring people from Hamburg, both from Germany and abroad. The aim is to make Hamburg’s international community more visible.

You can still support the campaign on Hamburg’s crowdfunding platform Nordstarter.org. I for one am looking forward to reading the first edition and I’m sure this will be another step forward for Hamburg’s identity as an international city.