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A growing international community at Shhared, Bahrenfeld

Yesterday (4th December) I went to my first “CIC” at Shhared, CIC standing for Creativity, Inspiration and Conversation. Alex Ahom, founder of Shhared, and Sabela Garcia organised the evening of talks, activities and conversation.

Since interviewing Alex for “Why Hamburg?” I have worked at Shhared on several occasions. It’s really to see things coming along there, and yesterday evening it was nice to meet other people from the wider community around Shhared and feel part of an emerging community.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and it felt like a good bunch of people from diverse backgrounds. The group was very international: at one point we did a round robin and everyone said their name and what country they came from. At the very least half of the people were originally from outside Germany.

So all in all, an enjoyable and productive evening and I’ll gladly go along to the next Shhared event! (Especially if there are beer and sausages again.)

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  1. Glad you and the others enjoyed the evening. The feedback has been great but it doesn’t stop there. Feel free to let us know what we can do for our next CiC at Shhared.

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