A spot-the-difference style photo, i.e. two identical pictures side-by-side, featuring two nuns in white.

Think Different vs. Now For Something Completely Different. What’s the difference?

As conventional wisdom would have it, one of the most legendary advertising campaigns of all time was Apple’s 1997 “Think Different”. Around the same time, as a teenager, I used to binge-watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus (on VHS). Most Python fans will remember the segue, or indeed complete lack thereof, between sketches picturing the announcer…
Part of the globe

Britain needs to confront its colonial past at a European level

As Britain fumbles its way towards the exit of the EU, or gives up before being unceremoniously ejected, it is in danger of losing sight of the European perspective precisely at at time, and on a topic, where it matters most. The tea, Victoria sponge, common decency, exotic foods, zoos, museums: all of them are an impossible fiction, unimaginable without a dismal world of inexcusable exploitation just off camera.