Podcast episode 2 cover - Alex Ahom, Irene Broer, John Heaven

Podcast episode 2 – with guest Irene Broer from Gute Leute Magazine

Wahey! The second edition of the new podcast.

Today, Alex Ahom (Shhared founder) and I spoke to Irene Broer. Irene is from the Netherlands and has been living in Hamburg for two years. In the podcast she tells us about why she came to Hamburg, and about the upcoming Gute Leute Magazine – Hamburg’s first English language print magazine – that she and Sabela Garcia are publishing at the end of November.

We also talked about the Olympics, including the – OUTRAGEOUS – fact that Hamburgians (or Hamburgites, or Hamburgees) who are non-German are not allowed to vote in the upcoming referendum. And then some other bits of news.

The podcast, as ever, was recorded using Google Hangouts on Air and the audio was then uploaded here as a podcast.

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